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About Us


At Nostalgic Cleaning, we believe its important that you like what you do. Call us crazy, but we love to clean!

The feeling a clean home radiates is wonderful, both for the client and the person who completed the work.

Growing up, our founder spent lots of time with his great grandparents. They kept an immaculate home. He would also wake up early on Saturday mornings, put on cartoons and clean the house for his mom and dad before they woke up. It's safe to say we were cut out for this. At Nostalgic, we instill that same sense of pride and caring into each home or business that we work in. 

So after working, supervising, and managing other North Shore cleaning businesses, our founder decided to venture out on his own and we have been serving the North Shore ever since. All team members undergo a full background check.

Our motto is "Service the way it was", let us show you what we mean. Thank you and see you on cleaning day. 

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